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SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD Dura Ace 1

The SuperSix Evo represents the perfect balance of race performance and versatility. Its unrivaled combination of lightness, stiffness, aerodynamics and driving comfort is a winning combination in all parts of the race.

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Synapse Black Inc.

The Synapse is the ideal mix of rough power and long-lasting driving comfort. His combination of proven racing geometry, lightness and driving comfort have allowed him to win everything from the classic spring championships to the "Best bike of the year" awards. This could well be the best versatile road bike we've ever built.


SuperX Team

With its exceptional features, the all-new SuperX is designed for one thing: to win the victory on modern cyclocross courses. Unrivaled traction, steady, reassuring driving for a controlled trajectory, all in an ultra-lightweight bike, which swallows shocks and allows you to run at full throttle and offer you dazzling sprints!



The world championship S3 is back - and even better than before. Combine the proven S Series performance with the advanced rigidity and lightweight design that comes from the Project California research facility, and you get what Ride Magazine most likely called "The Perfect Bike."




The new S5 revolutionized the aerodynamic segment - again. It combines many incremental improvements across the framework to provide a huge improvement for you: more speed. The model that BikeRadar calls "spectacular in terms of brutal aggressiveness and wild speed" now offers increased stiffness, geometry ready for racing and improved driving quality.



With three victories in the legendary Paris-Roubaix race, the R3 continues to surpass expectations. The R3 surprises by a light frame that reacts to each pedal stroke. Conclusion: the R3's reputation now offers additional aerodynamic and rigidity advantages without compromise.



Lightweight and rigid, the R5 highlights the California research project and advanced systems engineering, which provides an incredibly balanced framework.


An extremely lightweight machine that gives confidence in downhill and is sensitive to sprints.


The R5 offers precision engineering for outstanding performance.



Sunday 28 Xroad (Road)

Sunday 28 comes in three versions. A sports version, road, equipped with the Performance system in 500 Wh.


A quick version with handlebar Mustache motorized by the Performance Speed ​​system in 45 km / h version to hold averages worthy of the "Tour de France" !


Finally, we have developed a mixed version, Xroad, with bigger tires offering more comfort and a great grip even on non-roads.


Saturday 28 Open Silver (VTC)

For old-fashioned, family-friendly, strolling, fitness, class, city trips, greenways, on the roads, quietly or quickly, just a little or for a long time!


Its high-end hydroformed aluminum frame comes in two versions Mixte or Open with low crossing. Shorter and with a higher handlebar, it is specially dedicated to those who want even more comfort and ease.


Saturday 27 Race 9

With 160 mm of forward and reverse travel, big brakes and more recumbent angles, it allows more extreme driving, more "Race" to engage and slam a chrono on an enduro, or simply to roll on any Trail and this, whatever the direction of the slope! It is the whole experience of our team, the returns of our pilots that we find on this bike.


Thanks to them, we were able to optimize the geometry and suspension settings.



Zero 6 unlimited

It's not difficult to eliminate 100 grams of a standard frame. We have done so many times in the past. If we have to remove 100 grams of a frame weighing less than 800, it is much more difficult, if not impossible. We speak of almost 15% of the total weight.


A new carbon fiber called DIALED ™ produced by Mitsubishi Japan blended through a new production process allowed us to achieve this weight. Zero.6 is offered with a single matte carbon finish, glossy decal and silver accents.


Cento 10 AIR

Only our experience allowed us to give birth to this project. The combination, aerodynamics, lightness, responsiveness, makes the Cento10AIR a unique bike.


The new Cento10AIR revolutionize the concepts of aerodynamics known to date. Research, studies and testing have redefined the design of the chassis profiles, coming out of the rule that the thinner the profiles, the more aerodynamic they are.


Now the chassis has been designed to push the entire bike system to maximum efficiency: This is the heart of the Cento10AIR project.



Propel Advanced

The "PROPELS" are the fastest bikes in the world, with superior performance and light weight. The latest in "AERO" concepts, they outperform all their competitors.


The "PROPELS" are the fruit of two years of research and internal development to implement aerodynamics pushed on a framework of competitor.


Defy Advanced Pro 0

There is no better machine to ride as long as possible sitting on his saddle. The frame of the new "DEFY ADVANCED SL" is handmade. Its basic material is the composite "GIANT ADVANCED SL". Its design is based on an endurance geometry optimized by several GIANT technological innovations. The seat post "D-FUSE" reduces the vibration considerably for your comfort. In each bend, the rigidity of the "OVERDRIVE 2" front axle increases the accuracy of your trajectories. The diagonal tube and the bottom bracket "POWERCORE" are one for maximum performance.


TCR Advanced Pro Disc

Born in 1997, the TCR is redesigned for the 2016 collection. Once again considered the benchmark for the "RACE" road bikes on the market, the 2017 range is rich in innovations, very high in color and always more performance.

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